On Thursday, June 12, the awards ceremony for the 40th Environmental Award, cosponsored by the Hitachi Environment Foundation and the Nikkan Kyogyo Shimbun, was held at the Otemachi Keidanren Kaikan. The Environment Award is presented in recognition of activities that contribute to environmental conservation by tackling various environmental issues using technology and ingenuity.


Three Grand Prizes and one Excellence Prize were awarded: among these, the CONTRAIL project team (Japan Airlines, JAMCO, JAL Foundation, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Meteorological Research Institute) was selected for an Environment Minister’s Award Grand Prize for its “Global Observation of Greenhouse Gases Using Scheduled Flights.” The groundbreaking observation method used by the project team allows the global collection of data through the installation of CO2 concentration measuring equipment on commercial aircraft.


The team received the award in recognition of its world-first attempt that enabled three-dimensional measurements at low cost by developing a lightweight, high-performance continuous measurement system that can be installed on aircraft.