Jamco will promote sustainability to achieve its management philosophy and contribute to realize a prosperous and sustainable society by valuing relarions of trust  with all of our stakeholders.

JAMCO's Sustainability

Basic Policy on Sustainability,Promotion Framework,Activity Targets, etc. 読む JAMCO's Sustainability


Environmental Policies,Promotion Framework,Activity Results, etc. 読む Environment


Human Rights Policy,Human Resources Development,Occupational Safety and Health,Supply Chain Management, etc. 読む Society

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policy,Corporate Governance Structure, etc. 読む Corporate Governance

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report, CSR Report 読む Sustainability Report

Special feature

Jamco Group's approach to Carbon Neutrality, etc. 読む Special feature

CSR News


Sustainability Report

JAMCO has been publishing the CSR Report, which introduces the JAMCO Group's approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its initiatives, in pursuit of deeper communication with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, local communities, employees and others.

Starting in 2023, we have further enhanced the content as the Sustainability Report by enriching it with ESG information, including our approach to sustainable management and our efforts to address our material issues.