We at JAMCO Corporation have established the Privacy Policy summarized below in the belief that it is our social responsibility to properly treat every piece of personal information about you, the customer, in order to fully protect your personal information. We achieve this policy by protecting all pieces of private information throughout the organization.

Privacy Policy


  1. To respect the privacy of our individual customers, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, norms, and internal rules relating to your personal information, and to protect any of your personal information we have in our possession.
  2. To use your personal information only within a prescribed scope for business, and to act fairly, appropriately, and within the prescribed scope for business when acquiring or using your personal information or when disclosing your personal information to others.
  3. To properly handle your personal information in our possession at all times, and to keep it up to date and maintain its accuracy to the extent required for achieving the purpose of use.
  4. To handle your personal information appropriately whenever you submit a claim for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use, or make other requests or otherwise express complaints or make inquiries.
  5. To take proper precautions and other safeguards against possible unauthorized access, leakage, misuse, loss, or destruction when we handle your personal information, and to respond appropriately and promptly if and when any problem arises.
  6. To regularly audit our approaches for the protection of private information and to continually improve these approaches in response to changing social conditions and environments.