CONTRAIL, a collaborative research project between industrial, academic, and government organizations that observes the Earth’s atmosphere using commercial airliners and in which JAMCO Corporation is a participant, was awarded the 2017 Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities in the International Contribution category by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.


Since 1998, the Ministry of the Environment has been presenting the award every December, which is designated as Global Warming Prevention Month, to recognize the contributions made by groups and individuals in this area as part of its initiative to promote measures to prevent global warming.


JAMCO Corporation joined the CONTRAIL* atmospheric observation project in 2003, and was responsible for developing both the Automatic Air Sampling Equipment (ASE) and Continuous CO₂ Measuring Equipment (CME) used to make observations, and for obtaining the necessary supplemental type certificates (STC) required to install the devices on commercial aircraft from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Having obtained the STCs, the observational equipment was installed on Boeing 777-200ER and 777-300ER aircraft used for regular passenger flights by Japan Airlines and the devices now collect observational data of the atmosphere on a global scale. The results of the analysis of those observations are made available to the rest of the world by the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, and are being used as valuable data in research regarding global warming.


JAMCO Corporation is committed to continuing its participation in this project as a part of its own environmental conservation activities.


* CONTRAIL has been used as the project’s name since 2007.


State Minister of the Environment Naomi Tokashiki (center)
State Minister of the Environment Naomi Tokashiki (center)