On January 5, JAMCO Corporation delivered the first Increased Cabin Efficiency (ICE) Rear Galley module, combining both galleys and lavatories, for installation in the rear of the passenger cabin of Airbus’ state-of-the-art A350 passenger aircraft.


The ICE Rear Galley’s greatest feature is that it enables efficient use of passenger cabin space by combining galleys and lavatories into a single module. With the additional space created by the module, airlines can install up to six additional economy class seats.


While JAMCO already provides carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) structural components for the entire line of Airbus commercial aircraft, and the rear bay electronic rack assembly for the A380 family of aircraft, this is JAMCO’s first direct delivery to Airbus of its interior products.


As a leading aircraft interior products manufacturer, JAMCO will work to further improve its ability to offer solutions and services that meet the needs of commercial aircraft manufacturers and airlines, and keep their trust.