JAMCO Corporation has entered into an agreement with Premium AEROTEC (Augsburg, Germany) to supply cargo struts for the Airbus A350.


Cargo struts are structural parts made using carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) with L, C and other cross-section shapes. These diverse parts are manufactured using the hand lay-up process, and can be from 60mm to 630mm in length with about 130 types, with up to 370 of these parts used in one aircraft.


Until now, JAMCO has supplied vertical stringers and stiffeners for the vertical stabilizers on all of Airbus’ aircraft, except the A350, and the upper deck floor cross beams for the A380. By entering into this agreement JAMCO will now be supplying CFRP structural parts to the entire Airbus family of aircraft, including the A350.


The struts will be manufactured by JAMCO AEROMANUFACTURING Co. Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of JAMCO Corporation located in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, and delivered according to Premium AEROTEC’s production schedule to two of the company’s factories in Germany.