Jamco and Airbus, Aircraft manufacturer in Europe (Head office: Toulouse, France, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mr. Fabrice Brégier) have signed an agreement for supply of Stringers for Vertical Tail Plane of Airbus A380 with fit for use condition.
Jamco has been the supplier of basic profiles of the Vertical Tail Plane stringers for all Airbus passenger aircraft except for A350. Prior to the agreement, additional operations only for A380 such as reinforcement and machining have been necessary at Airbus. The agreement has expanded the scope of work at Jamco by taking over those additional operations. The parts will be manufactured at JAMCO AEROMANUFACTURING Co. Ltd. (Operation since April 2013) in Natori city, Miyagi. Jamco’s unique continuous composite fabrication process ADvanced Pultrusion (ADP) will be applied.
The first delivery to Airbus Stade (Germany) where the assembly of Vertical Tail Plane is processed is expected in the end of 2014.