On January 12, 2017 JAMCO Group received certification from the FAA for its Dynamic Aircraft Seat Testing Facility at JAMCO America, in Everett, Washington.


As a leader in the Premium Class Seating Market, JAMCO’s addition of the Dynamic Testing Facility puts JAMCO in a good position to be better in control of the concept, design, prototyping, and Certification phases of its Premier Seating Products. As such, with this additional capability the JAMCO group can shorten the development cycle, reduce the costs, and increase competitiveness.


In addition to in-house testing, the JAMCO Dynamic Testing Facility is available for use by third party clients. The Facility itself is in its own building away from the Engineering and Manufacturing teams housed within the JAMCO America campus. On staff at JAMCO are ODA Unit Members Authorized by the FAA to witness seat testing, Unit Members can be added to a Clients Certification Plan for witnessing if needed.