Niigata JAMCO Corporation has received the 2016 Japan Aeronautical Engineers’ Association’s Encouragement Award for Companies and Organizations in the Business Improvement category. Located in Murakami, Niigata, Niigata JAMCO Corporation is the key manufacturing subsidiary for aircraft interiors of the JAMCO Group.


This award is presented to companies, organizations, and educational institutions whom are recognized as having made significant achievements and contributions in such areas as research and development, improvement of business practices for groups and individuals, and the effective and efficient education and training of aviation engineers of which are all active in the aviation industry.

Niigata JAMCO developed a system for the digitization of printed documents related to work instructions used in the manufacture of Boeing 787 lavatories. Reception of this award commends the major contributions made by the development of the system in improving productivity through reducing the amount of paper used in manufacturing and visualizing the progress of manufacturing processes.


JAMCO Group will continue to accelerate innovation in production technologies, while working dramatically to improve productivity, and further enhance cost competitiveness.