JAMCO has been awarded the 2016 Japan Aeronautical Engineers’ Association’s Encouragement Award for Companies and Organizations in the Education & Training category.


This award is presented for activities recognized as having made significant contributions in such areas as the creation of educational materials which are conducive to promoting understanding among trainees in an educational environment, the establishment of an effective and efficient training system, and the use of ingenious teaching methods. JAMCO was presented with this award in commendation of its integration of an educational program, called blended learning, into the company’s quality management training, which has improved its educational effect.


With JAMCO’s version of blended learning, their off-the-job group training is used for motivation building and skill acquisition, while knowledge acquisition is performed through e-learning. This raises trainee awareness, makes knowledge permeation easier, and can be expected to increase the educational effect of training.


JAMCO will continue to work to ensure flight safety and steadily enhance its quality assurance system as it strives to provide high quality products and services.