Jamco Corporation announced today that construction of a new factory in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, begun in April 2012, had been completed, and that its operations had started for the Aircraft Components Company to subcontract production at the facility.


1.Purpose of the new company’s establishment

Jamco’s Aircraft Components Company has produced CFRP components, engine parts, and heat exchangers at its facility adjacent to Jamco’s headquarters located in Mitaka, Tokyo. However, with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government carrying out road construction on adjacent land, and the increasingly confining size of the current facility, we proceeded with plans to construct the new factory in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, and to transfer our CFRP components and engine parts production lines there.
To manage the production transferred to this new factory, we also established a new subsidiary company, Jamco Aeromanufacturing Co., Ltd. with operations having commenced on April 1. Jamco Aeromanufacturing Co., Ltd. was created for the purpose of improving the profitability of the business and strengthening competitiveness through the pursuit of maximum efficiency in manufacturing, as well as contributing to the economic growth of the regional community by providing the opportunity of employment for outstanding regional talent at the new facility.

2.Overview of the new facility


Medeshima Seibu Industrial Park,7-101-36 Medeshimadai, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture

Completion Date

February 28, 2013

Site Area (Total Land Area)

41,621㎡ (58,800㎡)

Total Floor Area


Building Construction

Flat Steel Skeleton (brace structured)


Aircraft engine parts, CFRP components for aircraft, etc.

Major Equipment

2 Autoclaves, 7 molding lines for CFRP components, 1 vacuum furnace, 30 machining facilities

3.Profile of Jamco Aeromanufacturing Co., Ltd.

President & CEO

Masakazu Hiruma

Establishment Date

January 4, 2013

Operations Start Date

April 1, 2013


100 million yen

Fiscal Year End

March 31

Shareholder Composition

Jamco Corporation: 100%


59 (as of April 1); Approx. 80 by end of March 2014 (tentative)

Business Plan

(Annual Sales)
FY2013: 1 billion yen
FY2014: 1.1 billion yen
FY2015: 1.2 billion yen