Nakajo JAMCO Corporation has accepted a transfer of aircraft interiors business operations from JCM co., ltd.
The new facility formally launched the start of its operations on October 1 by opening with employee initiation ceremonies. Nakajo JAMCO is a second-tier subsidiary that was established in June of this year by Niigata JAMCO Corporation, a subsidiary of JAMCO Corporation.


JAMCO Corporation’s Aircraft Interiors Company primarily provides galleys, lavatories, and seats for passenger aircraft.
In order to respond to increasing production demand by aircraft manufacturers, JAMCO is currently working to expand its manufacturing capacity. Nakajo JAMCO, will produce the structural panels for the galleys. The location is ideal and allows for future expansion to meet the demand for additional production space.
Nakajo JAMCO’s facility is located next to the Aircraft Interiors Company’s Material Distribution Center in the Niigata-Nakajo Core Industrial Park, Tainai City, Niigata Prefecture.

1.Overview of Nakajo JAMCO Corporation

Date Established

June 16, 2015

Date Operations Started

October 1, 2015


9-113 Shimizu, Tainai, Niigata, Japan


100 million yen


96 (as of October 1, 2015)

President & CEO

Fumihiko Kamata

Shareholder Structure

Wholly owned by Niigata JAMCO

2.Effect on Performance

The effects of the new company’s establishment on JAMCO’s FY2015 financial performance have been allowed for.

President Kamata gives the opening address