March, 2014
JAMCO Corporation is pleased to announce The Boeing Company awarded JAMCO a contract for supplying the Floor Panel Assembly for the whole Boeing 777 aircraft. The floor panels will be manufactured at JAMCO Philippines Inc, and supplied to Boeing’s 777 factory in Everett Washington in 2016. The contract awarded to JAMCO by Boeing is estimated to cover more than 400 shipsets of Boeing 777 aircraft.


About JAMCO Corporation


JAMCO provides aircraft interior monuments and is a leader in lavatories and galleys throughout the world. JAMCO has supplied lavatories to The Boeing Company since 1981, starting with units for the Boeing 767. JAMCO was subsequently awarded contracts for the MD80, MD90, MD11, 747-400, 717, 747 767 and 777. For the revolutionary Boeing 787, JAMCO Group is the sole supplier of galleys, lavatories, cockpit linings and consoles, bar units, as well as the flight deck doors and bulkheads.
JAMCO has received many recognition awards from Boeing, including Boeing Supplier of the Year in 2002. JAMCO is a three-time recipient of Boeing’s President’s Award, and a nine-time recipient of Boeing’s Pride in Excellence Award.