JAMCO Corporation has acquired a manufacturing facility for the assembly of primary aircraft seat components in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture. On August 17, JAMCO was granted a Miyazaki Prefecture Company Certificate.

1.Plant Acquisition Purpose


JAMCO Corporation is currently developing and manufacturing “premium seats” for installation in both first and business class cabins on passenger aircraft. To support this endeavor, JAMCO has acquired a manufacturing facility located in the Hightech Land Owaki Industrial Park for the mass-assembly of aircraft parts which include the back shell and console (*1). The products produced at this facility will be sent to JAMCO AMERICA, INC in Seattle, Washington who is the contract holder for seat customers. After arrival, the seat parts will be integrated with the seat structural components and undergo final inspection before being delivered to the aircraft manufacturer.


Miyazaki JAMCO Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of JAMCO Corporation, will manage the manufacturing facility. Preparations are in progress for the planned commencement of this operation by December 2015.


*1 Components that surround a seat to equip LCD monitor and tray table

2.New Facility Overview


Hightech Land Owaki Industrial Park, Tanocho Owaki, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture


No. 2 Plant, Miyazaki JAMCO Corporation

Scheduled Completion Date

September 3, 2015

Scheduled Operations Start Date

December 2015

Site Area

25,013 ㎡

Building Area

2 story steel frame; Total area: 5,564 ㎡

Total Investment

Approx. 900 million yen (total amount of land, building, equipment)

Number of Employees

Planning to hire 126 employees over 5 years, starting FY2015

Estimated completion of Miyazaki Jamco 2nd Plant, Inc.
(The completion prediction figure is an image and may be changed in part)