On December 21, Niigata JAMCO Corporation shipped interior equipment for installation on the 100th Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


JAMCO Group is the sole supplier of galleys, lavatories, cockpit linings and consoles, bar units, as well as the flight deck doors and bulkheads for the 787. Of these products, Niigata JAMCO manufactures galleys, lavatories and flight deck interior equipments. It began the shipment of galleys for the 787 in March of 2009.


The 787 Dreamliner, as a next-generation commercial airliners with superior efficiency, comfort and environmental performance, continues to attract a large number of orders. By the end of 2013, Boeing estimates it will be producing ten of the aircraft per month. To meet with this increase, JAMCO Group is working to rapidly implement a system aimed at raising production levels, and we are planning to further escalate the pace at which we ship in the future.