Basic policy on information disclosure

JAMCO discloses information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner to all stakeholders, including investors. It goes without saying that JAMCO observes laws and regulations related to information disclosure, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Rules. In addition, if items with a material effect on investment decisions arise, we proactively collate, analyze and disclose such information.

Method of information disclosure

Annual securities reports and the like are registered and published on the Financial Services Agency’s EDINET service, and information falling under the timely disclosure rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange is registered and published on the TDnet service operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while at the same time such information is published promptly on our website.

We work to ensure that information that does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules, but that may still have an impact on investment decisions, is conveyed fairly and promptly by publishing it on our website, etc.

Establishment of quiet period

In order to prevent leaks of business results information and to implement fair disclosure, JAMCO enforces a quiet period from the day immediately following the settlement date for each quarter to the date on which business results are announced. During this period, no response is made to any enquiry, and no questions are answered or comments made in relation to business results. However, information falling under the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed in a fair, timely and appropriate manner even during quiet period.

Disclosure of forward-looking information

JAMCO may release forward-looking information such as plans, strategies and the outlook for operating results. This information incorporates management decisions based on the information available at the time it is released, but actual operating results may deviate from forecasts due to the impact of social and economic circumstances. Accordingly, it should be noted that forward-looking information announced by JAMCO contains elements of uncertainty.


While great care is taken in the release of information on this website, the information may contain inaccurate statements, misprints, or other inappropriate information caused by computer error or illicit manipulation by third parties, and JAMCO provides no guarantees whatsoever with regard to the accuracy, usefulness or reliability of the content of this website. In addition, JAMCO accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage caused by the presence of errors in the content, or by the downloading of data, etc.