Compliance Code

We at JAMCO Corporation aim to form an enterprise that fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and lives up to the trust of society.

The officers and employees of JAMCO Corporation follow the principles enumerated below at every level and in every function. Together we observe applicable laws, international rules, office routines, and other regulations, and behave properly in accordance with firm ethical standards and a sincere social conscience.


  1. To develop and supply products and services with due consideration to safety and quality, and to build a relationship of higher trust with every customer.
  2. To actively address environmental issues on our own initiative in accordance with the goals of an independently established basic environmental policy and corporate action plan.
  3. To respect the individuality and personality of every employee and to secure a safe and comfortable work environment free from any discrimination, harassment, or other undesirable behaviors.
  4. To never commit insider trading (unfair trading of a corporation's stock or other securities) by taking advantage of our access to inside information that we learn with respect to matters handled in the course of assigned work.
  5. To aim at bona fide and fair trading and to maintain a sensible and sound relationship with politicians and governmental agencies.
  6. To respond to anti-social forces with a resolute stance and to abstain from forming any connections with such forces.
  7. To respect the established practices and cultures of individual nations and to maintain cooperative relations with these nations as members of a global corporation.