Basic Policy

Based on our management philosophy reflected in our commitment “JAMCO, a Technology Oriented Company with samurai values,” we place great value on contributing to society and continuing to operate by offering products and services to customers. To put this value into practice, we recognize that our efforts to encourage shareholders, executives and employees to form an efficient coalition, to improve corporate value while compensating stakeholders, and to ensure transparency in the management and enhance accountability are fundamental to good corporate governance.

Our Articles of Incorporation provide that there be no more than 15 Directors. They also provide that resolutions to elect or dismiss Directors at a General Meeting of Shareholders shall be passed by a majority of the votes held by shareholders present who hold no less than one-third of the votes of shareholders entitled to exercise their voting rights, and that cumulative voting shall not be used to elect Directors.

Regarding the election of Directors, we believe that it is vital to achieve a balanced composition of the Board to facilitate more appropriate decisions and better supervision of the execution of operations. This entails selecting Directors who are familiar with our internal operations and who can make appropriate decisions and supervise the execution of business, Outside Directors who are familiar with management and the aviation industry, and Independent Outside Directors who possess knowledge of corporate management and corporate law.

As for compliance, we recognize that it is important not only to comply with applicable laws, regulations, international rules and internal rules and regulations but also to develop a corporate culture that fosters a strong sense of ethics in day-to-day business activities. We have established a “Code of Compliance” and are committed to sharing understanding of the importance of compliance among officers and employees. We have also applied our compliance system to group companies to put compliance management into full practice, thereby fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.