Adhering to strict requirements for lightness in weight and flame resistance to produce the world’s best quality aircraft galleys

JAMCO holds an approximate 40%(Research by JAMCO : Wide-Body Aircraft)share of all galleys produced in the world and is overwhelmingly supported by more than 100 airlines around the globe. Not only are design, function and durability, which allow a cabin crew the most sufficient use of limited space in a cabin, required for aircraft galleys, but there are also strict requirements with regard to weight and flame resistance, which are essential elements for aircraft parts.
JAMCO specializes in the manufacturing of galleys and inserts with more than forty years of experience and knowledge of working to meet the meticulous requirements of the aerospace industry.

Advanced technical capabilities for meeting the specific requirements of multifarious airline

JAMCO provides weight-saving technologies developed over many years, design and production systems, including 3D CAD, and production lines in thorough pursuit of efficiency and customer support. JAMCO continues to move forward by integrating our self-developed technological capabilities, IT and sprit of innovation, and always pursues greater customer satisfaction, higher quality, shorter delivery times, and lower costs.

JAMCO has built up a strong reputation for responding to various airline’s specific needs with innovative solutions tailored to their respective passenger cabin services.

Product information

Enhanced galleys

JAMCO is the sole supplier of the latest engineered galleys for Boeing's new state-of-the-art aircraft, B787. Also, we supply major airline's A380 with our creative “enhanced galleys.”

Bar counters

JAMCO's customized bar areas give you a dedicated lounge space and thus provide added value.
Takeking on advantage of our design and production expertise to create the optimal bar counter, full-size bar unit, or combined bar/stowage unit.