Boasting the No.1 global market share for aircraft galleys and lavatories, JAMCO is leveraging a solid track record spanning many years and an expertise in providing comprehensive solutions that integrate various types of interior products.

Competitive advantages of JAMCO’s aircraft interior products business

Comprehensive Solutions Integrating Types of Interior Products

Development Capabilities Based on a Platform to Ensure a Stable Supply of High-Quality Products

A Global Network Working Together in Every Region of the World

With a long-established track record of supplying aircraft galleys and lavatories, JAMCO has a comprehensive range of capabilities, from design solutions to obtaining certifications for the installation of aircraft interior products.

JAMCO has earned customers’ trust with the unwavering quality of products made over many years, and is now reaching a new level of excellence.

 As a company that represents Japanese quality and has established a solid reputation for its own brand of quality, JAMCO is leveraging its track record to take its evolution even further with an eye on the future.

By making the most of its network of the Group companies, JAMCO is offering customers a comprehensive range of services, from planning various kinds of aircraft interior designs and solutions, to manufacturing products and upgrading aircraft cabins, all the while acquiring required certifications.

Product spotlight

JAMCO awarded 2015 Boeing Supplier of the Year and 2015 Airbus Supplier Support Rating

JAMCO’s Aircraft Interiors Manufacturing Division was awarded the 2015 Airbus Supplier Support Rating on April 5, 2016, and the 2015 Boeing Supplier of the Year on April 13, 2016 which it had long strived for.

Especially about Boeing Supplier of the Year, out of 13,000 suppliers of The Boeing Company, 12 companies were granted the award, and JAMCO was

honored in the category of “Leaders’ Choice Alliance Award. ”
(This is second time JAMCO was recognized for this award since 2002)

Global market share of aircraft interior products

JAMCO has secured leading market shares in the aviation industry by applying the advanced technical capabilities it has built up over many years.

Product information

Manufacturing bases

A group of professionals producing most parts by hand

JAMCO Aircraft Interiors Corporation

Niigata Plant


Many of JAMCO’s top brands of aircraft interior products are manufactured by Niigata Plant. Recognized worldwide, the center produces about 70% of JAMCO’s interior products, including aircraft galleys and lavatories. A single product often requires more than a thousand parts, and Niigata Plant produces most of those parts by hand in order to tailor them to the shapes and functions of different aircraft in order to meet the demands of suppliers. Integrating all production processes from making materials to product assembly, Niigata Plant is working to maintain its competitiveness by ensuring that its products are lightweight and durable.