Management Philosophy

JAMCO, a Technology Oriented Company with Samurai Values:


- Rising to the eternal challenge of realizing our aspirations.

- Bringing joy and satisfaction to our customers and employees.

- Striving for coexistence with nature, contributing to a prosperous and progressive society.

The founding spirit at JAMCO, faithfully passed down from the days of our first Chief Executive Officer, translates as “Samurai Spirit and Merchant Mentality.”

JAMCO’s corporate origins lie in the maintenance of small-sized aircraft. This initial technical proficiency was steadily elevated to sterling competency in the manufacture of such planes. That progress shines as the collective fruits of our unbridled passion and tenacious devotion to aircraft, with the full force of that legacy carried on to the present day. As an apt metaphor of this commitment, the concept of “samurai spirit” remains alive and well in all aspects of our corporate endeavors.

In Japan, the samurai warrior class subscribed to an unyielding spirit rooted in a strict ethical code and unbending sincerity. For JAMCO, the fusion of such willpower and skills has been mobilized to rise to the challenges of visionary creation, bringing joy to our customers and employees, while contributing to the coexistence and advancement of nature and human society.  

In 2005, on the 50th anniversary of its foundation, JAMCO revisited the importance of this universal action principle – the cornerstone of the management philosophy passed down by our corporate leaders for five decades. We duly marked the historical milestone of that first half-century in business, while declaring this management philosophy as the direction to be followed in the years ahead. Based on the understanding and sharing of this vision with all JAMCO Group employees, we embarked upon the quest to further raise the caliber of our corporate value and performance.

Basic Principles of Management

Basic Principles of Management

- Uphold flight safety and enhance quality.

- Work through the aviation industry to supply high valued-added products and services harnessing rich technical expertise.

- Channel handsome returns to shareholders, ensure employee contentment and utilize the Company’s business resources to contribute to society.

- Nurture corporate structure and business activities geared to flexibly address change, elevating customer satisfaction and corporate value to increasingly stellar heights.


As its keynote management mission, JAMCO spares no effort in working to “uphold flight safety and enhance quality.” Anchored in the aviation industry, we devote infinite consideration to the safety and quality indispensable to expand our business, supplying high added-value products and services positioned to harness our rich technical expertise. This is the manifestation of the bold aspiration to excel as a sustainable corporate entity supporting the creation of an equally sound and sustainable social fabric. We likewise operate on the steadfast conviction that constantly reviewing our management strategies and mounting sensible responses to the constantly changing business environment and needs characterizing the aviation field leads to ever-higher customer satisfaction and corporate value. This, in turn, facilitates the channeling of the benefits of this progress back to our precious shareholders.


Based on our Basic Policy for Establishment and Preservation of an Internal Control System, JAMCO promotes enlightened compliance management and works to create sound business administration functions and to execute streamlined operations. Under the guidance of our Compliance Risk Committee, four separate committees (the Compliance Committee, Risk Management Committee, Information Security Committee, and Financial Report Standardization Committee) integrally function to further refine the Company’s solid internal control system.