JAMCO’s position in the industry

A global market share of aircraft interior products

A single aircraft is made up of tens of thousands of separate parts and components. At present, manufacturers from Europe and North America hold the largest market shares of parts and components for the aircraft industry. In Japan, JAMCO is one of the few company which products are thus being delivered to The Boeing Company and Airbus S.A.S., the two largest companies in the global aircraft industry. JAMCO has been applying the latest technologies to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products for the aircraft interior components market.

A sole supplier of components for major aircraft models

JAMCO received its first order to manufacture aircraft galley units for the Boeing 727 in 1970, and now supplies the units to all Boeing aircraft models. JAMCO began supplying lavatories for the Boeing 767 in 1979, after which it was designated by Boeing as the sole supplier of lavatories for the 747, 777, and 787 aircraft models. Meanwhile, the company supplies galley units and galley inserts (food and beverage preparation appliances and equipment fitted inside the galley) to Airbus models of aircraft. JAMCO has been able to ensure a consistent level of high quality of such products and their stable supply to both of these major aircraft companies by drawing on its advanced technological capabilities. 

JAMCO’s supply of products matches the number of aircraft produced

JAMCO is the sole supplier of lavatories for Boeing wide-body aircraft and galleys for the Boeing 787. Accordingly, the number of orders for these products officially placed by Boeing generally matches the number produced and supplied by JAMCO. The company is receiving inquiries regarding the production of galleys from airlines except for the Boeing 787. Therefore, opportunities for JAMCO to receive orders for aircraft interior products will broaden as the number of orders from aircraft manufacturers increases.

Unfilled orders for aircraft

Unfilled orders for aircraft received by Boeing.

3,403 orders for narrow-body aircraft (4,592 in previous year)

922 orders for wide-body aircraft (1,114 in previous year)

Unfilled orders for aircraft received by Airbus

6,564orders for narrow-body aircraft (5,768in previous year)

877 orders for wide-body aircraft (930 in previous year)

Source: Websites of The Boeing Company and Airbus S.A.S., as of September 30, 2020


JAMCO’s galleys are innovatively designed so that cabin crew can use them as efficiently as possible within a limited amount of space while meeting durability and light-weight standards required for aircraft components.




JAMCO pays meticulous attention to both the function and texture of restroom amenities in its aircraft lavatories with the aim of creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation within the confined space of airplanes. At the same time, JAMCO makes sure to meet requirements for light weight and high safety.