JAMCO—a tier one* supplier

Recognized for its strong track record in ensuring a stable supply of high-quality products

JAMCO’s accomplishments in guaranteeing consistent quality and ensuring a stable supply were highly evaluated in 2015. In recognition of the safety and quality of its products, JAMCO was one of 12 companies to receive the 2015 Boeing Supplier of the Year award (Leaders' Choice Alliance Award category) from The Boeing Company, and was also awarded a 2016 Airbus Supplier Support Rating from Airbus S.A.S.

* A tier one supplier is a company that directly supplies its own proprietarily developed and manufactured products to aircraft manufacturers.

Aiming to reach an even higher level of quality assurance and delivery reliability

In recent years, relations between aircraft companies and major suppliers of aircraft components have been deteriorating due to unreliable deliveries. In that context, JAMCO leveraged its strong reputation as a supplier that fulfills orders on time to expand its business by entering the market for aircraft seats, dependably supplying seats that meet safety and quality standards. Furthermore, JAMCO has obtained certification for various quality and environmental-related standards, and put a production system in place for safely and reliably manufacturing products. JAMCO is committed to helping create conditions for customers to use aircraft in comfort and with peace of mind.

  •  JIS Q 9001 (compliant with ISO 9001)
  •  JIS Q 9100
  •  JIS Q 14001
  •  JIS Q 27001 (compliant with ISO 27001)

JAMCO’s total interior integration

JAMCO has obtained various kinds of certifications authorizing it to carry out aircraft maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Moreover, in addition to the aircraft interior components it has supplied in the past, including galley units, lavatories, and panels, JAMCO has expanded into the aircraft seat market, allowing it to handle all components of passenger aircraft interiors as a one-stop product and service provider.

   Market demand for aircraft interior modification is projected to grow steadily in the future, and new products are being manufactured accordingly. By taking full advantage of the vast opportunities in this market, JAMCO is aiming to further expand its business going forward.