ADP process consists of the following stages.

  1. Several prepreg layers are layered, and set in dispensers.
  2. Prepreg taken from multiple rolls are layered and formed into preforms with a cross section.
  3. Profiles are gradually cured when they go through a heating and pressing die.
  4. Profiles are completely cured when they come out of a post curing oven.
  5. Entire profiles are intermittently pulled and moved by a puller.
  6. Profiles are cut into specified lengths by a cutting device.
  7. Rough edges are deburred using a trimming machine.
  8. Inner quality of profiles are inspected with using an automatic ultrasonic flaw detector
  9. Inspected profiles are machined according to required dimensions. (Profiles with H cross section are molded and cut which enables efficient production.)